Oliver Sacks’ Rage for Order

Oliver Sacks’ fantastic 1996 autism documentary Rage for Order is now available on Google Video, where he meets some completely remarkable people and explains some of the more curious features of the syndrome.

The programme explores the sort of interests, behaviours and talents that are associated with autism through Sacks’ irresistible interest in the human condition.

It includes the artist Jessica Park, who creates the most stunningly colourful paintings of buildings with perfectly accurate star constellations in the background (that’s one of her pictures on the left).

It’s a really wonderful piece of television and was part of a six-part series that Sacks’ made called Mind Traveller.

Sadly, the other parts of the series seem to be lost to the internet, but do get in touch if you have a copy as I would to see them.

Link to ‘Rage for Order’ on Google Video.

One thought on “Oliver Sacks’ Rage for Order”

  1. That video is bootleg, I believe. It really shouldn’t be on YouTube. That said, it’s a really fascinating resource, and it’s too bad that it’s out of print otherwise. Ah well. There are a lot of good, legal resources on Dr. Sacks for free at his Columbia University page: http://www.cuarts.com/sacks.

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