2008-07-11 Spike activity

Some slightly belated links from the past week in mind and brain news:

Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science follows up the piece on the ‘mobile network causes suicide’ nonsense, plus an interesting additional section on the plausibility effect.

Not Quite Rocket Science discusses the ‘Lady Macbeth effect’ and how physical cleanliness moral cleanliness are linked.

The recent study on mapping the brain’s white matter network is discussed in a short video by Scientific American.

The Boston Globe has an article about the recovery of child psychologist Seymour Papert, who suffered a serious brain injury 18 months ago.

My Mind on Books lists some forthcoming cognitive psychology books for 2008.

A career in forensic psychology is discussed by US psychologist Stephen Diamond.

The science of how melody and harmony combine to produce music is covered by Seed Magazine.

The New York Times reviews the debut novel of medic Rivka Galchen which seems to be about the Capgras delusion.

Better golfers see bigger holes according to research covered by PsyBlog.

Neuroanthropology looks at the work of anthropologist Felicitas Goodman on the connection between trance states and body posture which has some interesting parallels between work on hypnotisability and body posture.

Genes implicated in learning may also be linked to autism, reports Scientific American.

The Situationist has a video of Sam Gosling discussing his new book Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You.

Call-Me-Kenneth prototype the Care-o-Bot is profiled by the AI and Robots blog.

The Neurocritic discovers the newly launched photoshopped ‘Journal of Speed Dating Studies’. No, really. No, not at all it seems!

One thought on “2008-07-11 Spike activity”

  1. Umm, the “Journal of Speed Dating Studies” is a photoshop to emphasize the supposed ridiculousness of the article. The article describes how and why the speed dating process can help researchers test a wide range of hypotheses related to human relationships and their dynamics.

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