2008-06-27 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

More on experimental philosophy. Scientific America has an excellent piece on the curious new form of conceptual engineering.

The BPS Research Digest looks at new research on ‘non-criminal psychopaths‘.

How to win friends and influence people. Cognitive Daily covers some recent research on popularity at school.

NeuroScene has monthly podcast interviews with mind and brain researchers.

I’m a Blind Climber Who “Sees” With His Tongue. Not only a perfect chat-up line, but also an article for Discover Magazine.

The 1930s Marital Scale is now available as an online test!

The Immanent Frame discusses Pascal Boyer’s cognitive explanation of the evolution of religious thought.

Documentary photographs from institutions for people with learning disabilities from 1960s American, discovered by Neurophilosophy.

If you need an antidote after those somewhat disturbing photos, could I recommend the rocktastic Heavy Load.

How Smart Is the Octopus? asks Carl Zimmer.

The Language Log picks up on some sexual pseudoscience from CNN.

Oxytocin may be a useful treatment for social anxiety, reports The Times.

The Onion radio news reports on a successful case of gay conversion therapy.

NeuroQuantology. Not sure quite what to make of it.

<a href="http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/24/health/24deme.html?ei=5087&em=&en=66e6d3978799d897&ex=1214452800&adxnnl=1&adxnnlx=1214330421-orjv8mJqWsiyfnOUB4Wt0w&pagewanted=all
“>Antipsychotics dangerous and overprescribed in dementia, reports The New York Times.

The mighty Neuroanthropology has a great piece on cybernetic theory and neuroanthropology hot from a recent conference.

The Times has an article on government-by-cognitive-bias book ‘Nudge‘.

Psychologist Deric Bownds reviews the brain’s default network.

The second social scientist from the US military’s Human Terrain System is killed in the ongoing conflicts, reports Wired.

Sharp Brains has an excellent interview with psychologist Arthur Cramer about, well, sharpening the brain!

Hot Spanish psychologist talks about psicología y los hombres como mero instrumento de placer. Not the sort of Spanish lessons I remember, sadly.

Advances in the History of Psychology picks up on an intriguing new book on the history of ignorance.

Pharma industry spent $168 million, yes that was $168 million, lobbying US lawmakers in 2007, up by a third from 2006, notes Furious Seasons.

Developing Intelligence has an excellent piece on untraining the brain and the use of meditation and hypnosis to decouple automatic attentional processes.

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