Psychology Today blog network launches

Popular psychology magazine Psychology Today have launched their own blog network with some of the biggest names in psychology, psychiatry and philosophy of mind regularly writing for it.

As a magazine, PsyToday has had a long reputation for being a bit populist and light on what most psychologists what actually think of as psychology.

That seems to have been changing in recent years and there’s been a consistent increase in the quality of the articles.

For their blog network, they seem to have recruited some of the most interesting and well-known researchers from around the world to write for them, including Dan Ariely, Jesse Bering, Peter Kramer, Nassir Ghaemi, Roy Baumeister, Nancy Segal, Scott Lilienfeld to name but a few of the many.

The latest posts are at the top, but scroll down for the (huge!) complete list of contributors.

Link to Psychology Today blog network (via Neurophilosophy).

2 thoughts on “Psychology Today blog network launches”

  1. most of them seemed really uninteresting and useless information. I find alot more useful things here and on the neurophilosophy blog

  2. I’ve found Christopher Peterson’s blog really good thus far. But then he’s writing about happiness and positive psychology, topics I love and write about on my own blog, so I might be a bit biased.

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