2008-05-09 Spike activity

Fascinating article in the New York Times on lying, deception and why exaggeration seems the same but is psychologically quite different.

UK government returns to pissing in the wind over drug classification. Prime Minister feels that having wet trousers will “send a message”.

New Scientist covers a new study on old news that hallucinations and delusions during intensive care can lead to trauma in children.

Fake tits and heroin, brought to you by HotForWords.

Scientific American Mind has an excellent article on unconscious bias and prejudice and how it affects how we behave.

How LSD rocked the world. The Independent discusses the cultural impact of LSD in light of the recent passing of its creator.

AlterNet discusses the implications of having America’s chemically modified 21st century soldiers in the heat of battle.

To the bunkers! Intelligent robot exoskeleton created by a company called Cyberdyne Systems. Cue nervous laughter.

Developing Intelligence has an article on modelling the diffusion of information in the brain.

Where do all the neurotics live? New York apparently. An article in the Boston Globe covers ‘Big Five’ <a href="http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/articles/2008/05/04/where_do_all_the_neurotics_live/?page=full
“>personality maps created for a new book. The full map is here.

Treatment Online discusses new research showing post-birth depression affects male partners as well.

Interesting New York Times article on why intelligence in animals isn’t always an evolutionary advantage.

Neuroanthropology has had a series of great essays recently, on everything from brain imaging to addiction.

Rather breathless article from The Times on possible use of ecstasy for treating PTSD that’s more anecdote than hard data but has some interesting personal accounts.

Channel N finds an award winning video report on the neuroscience of the teen brain.

The LA Times has a brief but interesting article on the advantages of ‘good enough’ evolutionary mind adaptations from the author of ‘Kludge‘.

In autistic boy’s hands, paper and scissors express an amazing spectrum. An article on an remarkably talented boy from The Seattle Times.

PsychCentral discusses the benefits of the usually unintentionally planned ‘single session psychotherapy‘.

This week’s Nature reviews a couple of books on children and neurodevelopment.

Science Daily looks at some interesting findings on the influence of epigenetics on suicide. If you’re not familiar with epigenetics, it’s well worth checking out. It’s the future.

Antipsychotic drug use soars among U.S. and U.K. kids despite an almost complete lack of evidence for its effectiveness or long-term safety.

The New York Times have an article on breaking habits and boosting creativity.

3D brain images! Get those red and green glasses out.

Scientific American’s blog Mind Matters looks at evidence on how mobile phones can affect brain function.

Musical hallucinations are covered in a cool article from the BPS Research Digest.

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