2008-03-07 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

Faces in the static. An interesting study looks at brain activation associated with seeing illusory faces in visual noise.

Neuroanthropology discusses recent research looking at the cognitive neuroscience of poverty.

How your name influences your decisions and preferences. The Psychologist has a fascinating article on ‘nominative determinism‘.

The Phineas Gage Fan Club gives a concise summary of the relatively recently discovered ‘grid cells‘.

Industrial psychology may have been invented by mistake. Advances in the History of Psychology tracks down the typo.

Carl Zimmer video interviews neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga on how discoveries about the brain are challenging our understanding of law.

PsyBlog discusses why psychology is not just common sense.

The Wall Street Journal asks what makes Finnish kids so smart?

Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder and Time magazine investigates the high suicide rate in people diagnosed with the disorder.

Language Log does another fantastic job of debunking dodgy sex difference research.

Pete Mandik is posting entries from his upcoming book ‘Key Terms in Philosophy of Mind’. The first is ‘emergence‘.

Not Quite Rocket Science has one of the most sensible articles you’re likely to read on the recent interesting but over-interpreted ‘brain scan mind reading‘ research.

After the series of recent studies on unpublished drug company data, the UK government intends to bring in a mandatory trials data register. In contrast, the USA seems largely unconcerned.

The Thinking Meat Project has been really good recently. Check it out.

Drunk on water. Frontal Cortex finds a great example of the fantastically powerful influence of suggestion.

Wired has an article on Jill Bolte Taylor, neuroscientist who wrote about her own stroke.

The Neurocritic takes the biscuit, sorry, doughnut, with a write-up of a new study on the neuroscience of eating Krispy Kremes.

One thought on “2008-03-07 Spike activity”

  1. Interesting study on top-down information leading to perceived patterns in static. I used to watch the snow on TV and watch all the patterns form (snakes, giants, allsorts!) I used to think it was a window on the unconscious….

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