Dr Ginger Campbell’s Brain Science Podcasts

I’ve been listening to some of Dr Ginger Campbell’s brain science podcasts recently and am thoroughly enjoying them.

Campbell has been broadcasting for a fair while now (she’s just put her 31st podcast online) but these latest editions are particularly good.

I caught a few of the early ones and found them a little rough around the edges to be honest. I have only recently revisited to discover I’ve been missing out on some great discussions.

Not tied down by the dictates of a radio schedule, the programmes are often wonderfully satisfying and in-depth. She doesn’t like Chomsky’s theories very much though as you’ll discover in a recent edition on the evolution of language!

Campbell has obviously also put a lot of hard work into getting neuroscientists on the show to be interviewed, which make for some of the most interesting exchanges.

Link to Dr Ginger Campbell’s Brain Science podcast.

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