Dr Ginger Campbell’s Brain Science Podcasts

I’ve been listening to some of Dr Ginger Campbell’s brain science podcasts recently and am thoroughly enjoying them.

Campbell has been broadcasting for a fair while now (she’s just put her 31st podcast online) but these latest editions are particularly good.

I caught a few of the early ones and found them a little rough around the edges to be honest. I have only recently revisited to discover I’ve been missing out on some great discussions.

Not tied down by the dictates of a radio schedule, the programmes are often wonderfully satisfying and in-depth. She doesn’t like Chomsky’s theories very much though as you’ll discover in a recent edition on the evolution of language!

Campbell has obviously also put a lot of hard work into getting neuroscientists on the show to be interviewed, which make for some of the most interesting exchanges.

Link to Dr Ginger Campbell’s Brain Science podcast.

One thought on “Dr Ginger Campbell’s Brain Science Podcasts”

  1. Thanks for coming back!
    By the way, I have started a new website to help science podcasters share their work.
    It is at http://sciencepodcasters.org
    I hope you will send your favorite science podcasters my way, so that we can promote each other’s work.
    PS: I love your blog even though I don’t get a chance to read it everyday.

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