War apparently boosts Iraqi teenagers’ self-esteem

Who would have guessed the Iraq war would be so uplifting to the children of Baghdad? According to research funded by the US Military, the invasion boosted the self-esteem of Iraqi teenagers.

The BPS Research Digest covers the study which took place in the summer of 2004, a year after the invasion.

With this new found benefit of invasion, the next target seems obvious – those self-deprecating Canadians!

Link to BPS Research Digest write-up of the study.

3 thoughts on “War apparently boosts Iraqi teenagers’ self-esteem”

  1. As far as I can see, they didn’t compare pre-invasion measurements of self-esteem to post-invasion measurements. Using a cross-sectional sample from a single point in time, they show a correlation between “perceived threat to family and/or nation” and “self-regard” … so kids with more self-regard tend to report more of a sense of threat. It’s interesting :]

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