The art of first impressions

Frontal Cortex has found an absolutely fantastic video art piece that explores the psychology of first impressions.

It really brings home the fact that first impressions vary so much between individuals and can be vastly wide of the mark as character judgements.

The piece is by film-makers Lenka Clayton and James Price.

The pair also created the fantastic short film People in Order, another very simple premise which is a perceptive look at how people change as they age, and New Love Order, which briefly introduces us to couples arranged in the order of the length of their relationship.

All insightful pieces that are alternately, challenging, poignant, funny and original.

One thought on “The art of first impressions”

  1. According to the evidence of our past evolutionary history in which we born within a clan and our first views and sights were directed to members of our family or kinship, it is rational to conceive a visual matching pattern-mechanism or visual template in our vsiual perception system, that prime upon us to reject those whom don´t share facial or other social cues.
    But if evolution is about “variation” because variation makes the possibility to survive (having diverse genes facilitate coping with the dangers of enviroment)
    promoting mating and interbreeding with strangers results
    to be the best strategy. So
    it is at least surprisingly or paradoxical
    that interpersonal judgements or first impressions,ussually inaccurate,are still with us
    when relating with others.

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