The Truth About Female Desire available online

Finally, one of the best TV series on the psychology, biology and neuroscience of female sexuality is available online as a torrent.

The Truth About Female Desire was a four part UK television series broadcast in 2005 which was a collaboration between the respected sex research centre The Kinsey Institute, London’s Brunel University and Channel 4.

Eight women volunteered to undergo a number of experiments on sex and sexuality largely taken from the scientific literature, ranging from how suggestion affects attraction, to the physiology of female sexual arousal, to the neuroscience of orgasm, to name just a few.

Researchers are on hand to discuss the results with the women who seem genuinely fascinated about how these results might reflect their own varied experiences of sex, whether straight, gay, stable or single.

While the discussion is frank, if you’re just looking for porn with a bit of science thrown in, you’ll need to go elsewhere.

There’s very little naked flesh on display, and despite this (magazine editors take note!) it’s enormously good fun, quite sexy in places, and utterly fascinating.

There are two torrents available online each of which contains all four 50 minute episodes as one 1.7Gb file.

There is one good torrent available online which contains all four 50 minute episodes as one 1.7Gb download.

At the moment, both have a only a few other people currently downloading, so it may be a little slow to start with, but the more people downloading, the quicker it gets.

It’s rare that proper scientific sex research makes the media and even rarer that it is made into compelling TV, so it’s a few hours well-spent if you’re interested in female sexuality, or sex research in general.

If you’re not sure what a torrent is or how to download one there’s a guide here and if you’re having trouble playing the files the free VLC media player should do the trick.

Finally, thanks to zoidberg for letting me know about the series arriving online.

Link to mininova page with torrent of series.
Link to mininova page with alternative torrent for series.

2 thoughts on “The Truth About Female Desire available online”

  1. The “alternative” torrent is dead, because demonoid is down. But if you’re using DHT, it’ll connect you to the main swarm anyway, since they have the same hash.

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