2007-11-23 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

Glamour model Daisy Thompson-Lake has a forthcoming paper on synaesthesia in the British Journal of Psychology.

Cognitive Daily looks at whether selfishness or competition is the strongest influence on behaviour.

How does physical stress and illness affect mental states and psychopathology? ABC All in the Mind investigates.

PsyBlog examines recent research on achieving sustainable happiness.

Hollywood actor Forest Whittaker hails the pioneering brain surgeon that saved his mother’s life.

ABC Radio National’s Ockham’s Razor looks at the infamous case of Sir Roy Meadow and the debates over the existence of ‘Munchhausen’s syndrome by proxy’.

The New York Times has an article on South Korean boot camps to cure children of non-existent internet addiction.

Denial and public belief. ABC News covers research showing that highlighting false reports may actually make them more widely believed.

The BPS Research Digest looks at research on why sexism towards females in the workplace has a negative effect on males too.

Interesting post on Action Potential shock! The under-performing Nature blog has two great articles on the genetic control of intelligence and innate social evaluation in children.

3 thoughts on “2007-11-23 Spike activity”

  1. ABC news Denial “Deny All You Want, They’ll Still Believe”
    Is a load of crap.
    We have people who believe the moon landing was fake. The believers (in fake) show photos of unexplained events.
    The scientific explanation of the (actual ) photos quickly dispel the false beliefs.
    To confront false allegations/false science with facts in necessary. Burying your head in the sand, going “Nah nah nah, I can’t hear you”, only works for a limited time.

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