2007-11-16 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

NPR has a radio programme exploring the significance of dreams and nightmares.

The first version of chocolate is discovered to be 500 years older than previously thought

The Washington Post has an article on ways of optimising your brain function.

An artificial speech implant is looked at by Neurophilosophy.

The Neurocritic rounds up the group smack-down to the nonsense election brain scanning ‘study’ we reported on earlier.

Japan suffers an average of 90 suicides a day, spurring the government into action, according to a report by The Times.

The New York Times has an article by an economist doing the maths on the process of dating and dating success.

Men talk more than women overall, but not in all circumstances, according to a new study covered by Science Daily.

A forthcoming science series called Curious has launched their website with video clips of some interesting neuroscience stuff.

BBC Radio 4’s Case Notes has a special on chronic fatigue syndrome.

BBC News report on more evidence that a healthy diet cuts Alzheimer’s risk.

PLoS One has an interesting paper on how gene expression in the human hippocampus differs in cocaine users compared to others.

Dr Petra analyses the Sex Addiction Screening Test and discovers it’s not been validated despite being widely used.

Teaching children philosophy brings persistent, long-term cognitive benefits, according to a study reported by the BPS Research Digest.

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