‘Marlborough Marine’ fights post-war trauma, depression

The Los Angeles Times has a moving video and photo essay about Lance Corporal James Blake Miller, made famous by the iconic photo taken during the battle of Fallujah, and his post-war struggles with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

It’s somewhat ironic that the photo, which has become a symbol of the stoicism of the US Marine Corps, depicts Miller at a time when he was first struggling with the trauma of war.

The photo essay is by photographer Luis Sinco, who made the marine famous, and his been following Miller since he returned home from Iraq.

Sadly, Miller has suffered divorce, PTSD, depression and suicidal thoughts since his return owing to his experiences during the fighting.

It’s an incredibly powerful piece, with some quite poignant moments (e.g. being ignored by one politician who he had arranged to meet to discuss the effect of PTSD on troops), especially considering that mental illness in the US military is at an all time high.

Link to LA Times photo-essay on James Blake Miller (via MeFi).

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