Strippers’ earning potential affected by hormone cycle

A study shortly to be published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour found that lap dancers in their most fertile phase of the menstrual cycle earned much more than dancers in the least fertile phase. In contrast, dancers who took the contraceptive pill, which ‘flattens’ the hormone cycle, earned much the same throughout the month.

This adds to the increasing evidence that women’s sexual behaviour changes during their monthly cycle, and that the external signs of this change are picked up by males.

We’ve covered a couple of other studies that have reported that women dress more attractively and show a greater neural response to rewards at their most fertile time.

Other studies have found that the most fertile time is associated with increased facial attractiveness, decreased waist-to-hip ratio, higher levels verbal creativity, a heightened interest in other partners (and a greater ‘protective’ interest from their primary partner) – to name but a few of the effects.

The researchers of the latest study, led by psychologist Prof Geoff Miller, asked 18 dancers to record their menstrual periods, work shifts, and tip earnings for 60 days via a web site.

Although 18 participants is relatively few for a psychology study, they recorded a large amount of data over time – 296 work shifts in total, representing about 5300 lap dances.

Dancers who were not on the contraceptive pill and at their most fertile time earned an average of $70 dollars an hour, twice the $35 average of women at their least fertile phase.

Dancers who took the contraceptive pill, which ‘flattens’ the hormone cycle, didn’t show a peak in earnings when the peak in fertility would normally occur.

The researchers suggest that this is evidence of ‘estrus’ – an external display of peak fertility – seen in almost all other animals but supposedly missing in humans. One theory goes that women have ‘concealed ovulation’ as estrus has been lost during evolution.

But the fact that tip earnings peak during estrus perhaps suggests that men can detect female fertility more accurately than the ‘concealed ovulation’ idea suggests.

They also argue that studying lap dancing may also be a particularly powerful way of understanding change in female sexual attractiveness as the interaction with the men is ‘multisensory’ and there is a clear measure of appreciation – the tips from patrons:

Because academics may be unfamiliar with the gentlemen’s
club subculture, some background may be helpful… Club patrons will often “sample” several different dancers with one lap dance each before picking one for a more expensive multisong bout of dancing. Thus, patrons can assess the relative attractiveness of different women through intimate verbal, visual, tactile, and olfactory interaction, and those attractiveness judgments can directly influence women’s tip earnings, through the number of 3-min dances that patrons request from each dancer.

Link to abstract of scientific study (thanks Matthew!).
Link to write-up from Psychology Today.

4 thoughts on “Strippers’ earning potential affected by hormone cycle”

  1. In these studies about estrus I keep wondering if a large part of the effect is simply due to the discomfort of menstruation (in regards to studies measuring attractive dress, and cognitive function, but perhaps not those measuring waist to hip ratio and reward response). I just wanted to point out that this study shows a pretty clear difference between menstruation and luteal phase:
    “Normally cycling participants earned about US$335 per 5-h shift during estrus, US$260 per shift during the luteal phase, and US$185 per shift during menstruation.”

  2. ideally, this should be subject to a blinded trial. now that might be a bit difficult to organise –

  3. Our Fresno Girls Live Strippers usually dress differently it seems near or close to their “time of the month” . We have noticed this over the years, so maybe that is the reason. Interesting commentary though.

  4. I don’t think so dude. I was a bartender who has known my fair share of strippers. I can tell you go to work on your period you just make more. Significant more couple hundred more then you would have.

    I was out to lunch with a group of some stripper friends and they all said one day over conversation one of the girls said she planned on going to work but started her girly thing. It was unanimous even tho your cramping go into work you can always leave. There is a significant increase in tips both bartending and stripping while on your girly cycle…

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