Pioneers of psychology

Oklahoma State University’s online psychology museum has launched an exhibit to commemorate African American Pioneers of Psychology. It’s an excellent resource but they’re missing some photos and you might be able to help.

The photo on the left is of Dr Inez Prosser. She earned her PhD in educational psychology from the University of Cincinnati in 1933.

She did some of the earliest research into the effect of racial segregation on academic achievement.

There have been many more African-American psychologists who were working in the USA as far back as the 1920s and the new ‘Pioneers of Psychology’ site is collating their history.

Unfortunately, it’s missing photos for Drs Robert Prentiss Daniel and John Henry Brodhead.

If you think you can help out with photos of either of the above, or have additional information on any of the people featured in the exhibit, I am sure the curators would love to hear from you.

Link to African-American Pioneers of Psychology Website (via AHP).

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