An annotated guide to books on the brain

The Dana Foundation have collected a list of widely praised books on the mind and brain that cover everything from academic texts to compelling fiction. Every book on the list is accompanied by a brief write-up.

It’s an extensive list with a number of great books on the list. My only reservation is that David Marr’s Vision (ISBN 0716715678) is missing.

I’ll get round to writing more about Marr in the future, as he is probably one of the most influential figures in 20th century neuroscience.

An amazing feet considering his book was written while he was dying from leukaemia, to which he eventually succumbed at the age of 35.

Vision was published after his death and has had a massive impact on vision science, neuropsychology and computational neuroscience – the latter of which was largely inspired by his work.

It’s also the only academic neuroscience book I’ve ever read which starts with the line: “This book is meant to be enjoyed”.

I read about the Dana guide on the excellent My Mind on Books – a site dedicated to mind, brain and cognitive science books – which also comes highly recommended.

Link to ‘Important Books on the Brain’ from the Dana Foundation.
Link to My Mind on Books.

One thought on “An annotated guide to books on the brain”

  1. Too bad Marr’s book is out of print, though there are some used copies available. Those with access to a university library should be able to find it, or ask your nearest library about interlibrary loan.
    Thanks for recommending “My Mind on Books”! That means a lot.

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