2007-09-07 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

ADHD is so last season: 4000% increase in US ‘child bipolar’ diagnosis.

BBC Radio 4’s science programme The Material World spends a week with students at the psychology summer school.

Science News lists caffeine levels in almost all the popular soft drinks.

I’ve been digging Deric Bownd’s MindBlog recently. You should too.

An article in The New York Times reports that a new schizophrenia drug that targets glutamate, rather than the traditional dopamine, shows promise in early trials.

Philosopher Colin McGinn, champion of the New Mysterian school of consciousness (aka the Private James Frazer approach) has a blog.

PsyBlog examines a fascinating study which examined the writing of poets who later killed themselves to get an insight into suicide.

Yet another speed dating study. This one suggests that men select every woman above an obtainable attractiveness threshold, women look for indicators of long-term security.

Science News tackles the effectiveness of school violence prevention programmes.

The BPS Research Digest discovers free full-text access to Sage neuroscience journals.

NPR Radio have a short segment on a recent brain scanning study of the placebo effect.

Time magazine reports that sleep deprivation in early life may lead to future behavioral and cognitive problems.

An article on social engineering tricks drug reps use to persuade doctors to use their drugs. Industry responds with ‘other industries do the same’ and ‘we just present the facts’ lines. Well, which is it?

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