Mind and brain disorder encyclopedia now free online

The Dana Guide to Brain Health is a fantastic book that contains a wealth of practical information about keeping your brain healthy, maintaining mental sharpness, and dealing with problems when they arise. Even better, the section on mind and brain disorders has now been made fully searchable and freely available on Dana’s website.

In fact, the book is incredibly comprehensive, and in addition to discussing health and illness, covers how the brain develops, functions normally, interacts with the body, and supports social interaction, emotion and cognition.

However, its coverage of disorders is excellent. Each one described, and is accompanied by a review of what’s currently known about the causes, diagnosis and treatment, so you know what to expect if you, a friend or relative need professional help.

It’s written in a straightforward jargon-free way and is remarkably comprehensive. It covers everything from hearing problems to schizophrenia to the neurological complications of AIDS.

This is the section has now been made freely available and is searchable by topic or keyword. A truly valuable addition to online mind and brain resources.

Link to Dana brain health database.
Link to book details.

2 thoughts on “Mind and brain disorder encyclopedia now free online”

  1. I would disagree on the quality of Dana’s website.
    “Psychiatrists who have worked closely with schizophrenia recognize it as a brain disease”
    Like your dislike/arguement that the use of addiction to decribe people who use the internet is invalid. I can argue schizophrenia is not a disease.
    It is not communicable (like any other disease) and there is no pathology, no lab test to confirm the psychiatrists belief of schizophrenia in the “patient”.Ten different people diagnosed as having schizophrenia can each have a different set of symptoms. Schizophrenia as such has no adverse effect on physical health. Schizophrenia does not generally progress for more than five years from onset but, rather, improves.

  2. I don’t know about this one. My first search was for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Nothing found under “narcissistic”, and nothing found for that looking through all the hits for “disorder.”
    Why is this one so good?

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