Neuromatrix: neuroscience video game for kids

Neuromatrix is a soon to be released action-adventure video game for kids that aims to effortlessly teach them about the function of the brain.

It’s aimed at 10-15 year olds and, from the impressive video trailer, it seems to have a bit of a Half-Life vibe about it – a sort of 3D science-based adventure – probably without all the killing though.

Apparently, the brains of scientists from a neuroscience research centre have been attacked by nanobots, and your job is to save them from certain destruction.

The video game takes you through some of the major brain areas and as you tackle each part, you learn about the scientific method, neurons, the motor cortex, the hippocampus and amygdala.

There’s even extensive teacher’s notes online, so adults can try and keep with the kids.

As for me, I’m still waiting for the sequel to Granny’s Garden.

Link to Neuromatrix website (via Brain Waves).
Link to video trailer.

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