Electrocution during sexual activity

Another in my occasional series on the surprising diversity of human sexuality as demonstrated by the forensic pathology literature.

This is a case report from the The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology on a couple who sadly died while trying a fatal mix of sex and electricity.

Warning: it’s a little uncomfortable in places, so not for the faint hearted.

The intriguing thing about the forensic pathology literature is that it probably only reflects the tip of the iceberg, so far greater numbers of people are likely to be engaging in similar but safer sexual practices.

Link to abstract of ‘Electrocution during sexual activity’.

2 thoughts on “Electrocution during sexual activity”

  1. That’s from 1981! My wife is a pathologist and says this stuff happens all the time. Just last month there’s the story of a screwdriver removed from…

  2. that’s not even remotely unusual – loads of people in the bdsm scene play with electricity, it’s a fairly standard & mainstream practice as far as the alternative community goes. If you really want to know just how diverse human sexuality is, try browsing through some of the sites where people discuss these things – the Savage Love advice column, or bondage.com forums are reasonably accessible starting points.

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