Wheat from the chaff in neuro-journalism

The Neuro-Journalism Mill is a blog run by science organisation the McDonnell Foundation that examines recent brain press stories and marks them as wheat – high quality accurate neuroscience stories, or chaff – exaggerated, inaccurate or oversimplified hack pieces.

Wouldn’t you know it, the ‘chaff‘ articles vastly outnumber the ‘wheat‘.

Actually, some of the ‘chaff’ headlines alone are pretty funny.

“Men’s Brains Have More Cells, Say Scientists Who Counted”

“Cockroaches Can Learn — Like Dogs and Humans”

“Learn More About the Cognitive Paparazzi!”

“Why Do Most 16-Year-Olds Drive Like They’re Missing a Part of Their Brain?”

Link to The Neuro-Journalism Mill (via BrainWaves).

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