SciAm special on the science of children and teens

Scientific American have just released one of their special editions of collected articles. This one is on ‘the early years’ and looks at the psychology and neuroscience of children, from infancy to the teenage years.

The SciAm specials are just collections of their previously published articles, but put in one themed issue with no adverts.

The printed edition of this new edition can be bought on newstands at the moment, or it can be bought online as a DRM-free PDF file for $4.95.

It follows on from a previous (and equally good) special issue on ‘The Child’s Mind’.

There’s a full content’s list on the issue’s webage but I’ve noticed that several of the articles are already freely available online, so have a search if you want to get a feeling for the theme.

Link to SciAm special edition on ‘The Early Years’.

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