2007-07-27 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

Lifting someone’s mood makes them more likely to believe in the supernatural, reports the APA.

New Scientist reports on research presented at a conference suggesting an oxytocin spray can boost the effect of cognitive therapy treatment for anxiety disorders.

A website called We Feel Fine tracks the <a href="http://www.wefeelfine.org/index.html
“>mood of the internet.

Spatial brain circuits are used to track references during conversation, according to a new study published in Neuroreport.

How we know where our lost keys are. Scientific American investigates new findings on memory.

BBC News reports that the prescription of antidepressant drugs to children soars in the UK.

Obese girls less likely to attend college but weight and body size does not influence college attendance in boys, finds study published in Sociology of Education.

Another good obituary for cognitive therapy pioneer Albert Ellis, this time in the LA Times.

BBC News reports that a study on the health effects of mobile phone masts finds (wait for it) no link between emissions and symptoms (just like all the others).

Scientific American reports obesity more common in people with obese friends, and study finds the strength of friendship seems to be key.

The Guardian has an interesting piece on the difficulty of applying population-derived violence predictions to individuals. Original study abstract here.

New Scientist has a story on a poker playing computer that only narrowly lost to two pros.

Stephen Pinker writes in defense of dangerous ideas.

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