Hypnosis redux

alert_eye.jpgThanks to everyone who came along to discuss the neuropsychology of hypnosis last night. For anyone who wants to investigate further, here’s more on the psychology and neuroscience of hypnotic states.

Scientific American has a fantastic article on ‘The Truth and the Hype of Hypnosis’ that tackles some of the myths and covers some of the key scientific research.

Psychologist and hypnosis researcher Dr Peter Naish did a great talk last year on the science of hypnosis for the Dana Centre which is available online as an archived video webcast.

WNYC’s RadioLab had a special on placebo and the power of suggestion, which, to be fair, is light on science and heavy on anecdote, although it does make for an interesting listen.

And finally, Dr Matt Whalley’s site is a great guide to science of hypnosis. I keep mentioning it, because, well, it’s excellent.

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