The REVERB project

reverblogo.jpgA.k.a part of my day job. I’ve written a short article introducing the project. The last line summarises it pretty well (I think!)

“The goal is to reverse-engineer the computational principles that the brain uses to multi-task”, says Dr Gurney, “and to show that they work in practice, not just in theory, by incorporating them in a robot. In a sense, we’re trying to work out the real-time operating system of our own minds.”

You can read more about REVERB here and the rest of my article here

3 thoughts on “The REVERB project”

  1. From the intro: “We have therefore assembled a collection of mathematicians, control engineers, computer modellers and neuroscientists who’s collaboration on all aspects of the project will be essential”…
    First, these are not coins, they are people. So “group” would be a better word than “collection”. You don’t have a collection of mathematicians, you have a team; or an alliance; or a distributed working group.
    Second, it’s not “who’s”, it’s “whose”. “…Neuroscientists who is collaboration…” makes no sense.
    Noblesse oblige. You can’t talk about building self-correcting robots while trying to get away with phonetic spelling.

  2. Thanks Alexei, but I think you’re looking at the project page, rather than my article about the project. This was probably written by an engineer who is more concerned about getting the maths right than the spelling πŸ˜‰

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