Shapes of thought

Neurofuture has picked up on a fantastic science-art project that is creating beautiful ‘thought images’ by visualising EEG readings in 3D.

The project is part of the Einstein’s Brain collaboration which involved two artists, Alan Dunning and Paul Woodrow, and medical researcher Morley Hollenberg.

The image on the left is the visualisation of anger. The image is described:

The shape of anger. Hypnotised participant’s thought form emerges as she recalls an incident in which she became uncontrollably angry. In this visualisation the elements are separated to show background of beta activity from 15 to 25 Hz from which emerges a dynamic form generated by wild swings between beta and alpha activity in the range 4 – 30 Hz, as she oscillated between meditative recall and consciousness.

Link to Neurofuture on the project.
Link to more ‘Shapes of Thought’.

One thought on “Shapes of thought”

  1. Looks really good! It’s interesting how we can make art out of almost anything, and can even call almost anything art! Take modern art for example…

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