Formula 1 and Iraqi psychiatry on AITM new series

A new series of BBC Radio 4’s All in the Mind has just kicked off with the first programme investigating the psychology of Formula 1 drivers and including an interview with an Iraqi psychiatrist involved in rebuilding the country’s mental health services.

The programme talks to Jenson Button, Honda’s top driver, Tony Lycholat, Head of Human Performance at Honda, and Dr Kerry Spackman a neuroscientist who is consultant to the Maclaren team.

In relation to mental health in Iraq, Dr Sabah Sadik is interviewed about his role as National Advisor for Mental Health to the Iraqi Ministry of Health.

The Iraqi mental health system has virtually collapsed since the invasion in 2003, and as recently reported by the Washington Post, the conflict has left intense psychological scars on many of the country’s children.

Link to first in the new series of BBC All in the Mind.

One thought on “Formula 1 and Iraqi psychiatry on AITM new series”

  1. RE:Iraqi mental health system.
    When the war first started I remember reporters lamenting the psychiatric hospitals conditions.
    Of course everyone in there was guilty oops I mean suffering from being mentally ill and deserved oops I mean needed help for treatment for their illness.
    Its all scientifically diagnosed don’t you know?

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