Law, ethics, brain scans and mind reading

ABC Radio National’s All in the Mind has just broadcast the first of a two-part series on using neuroscience to read the mind.

The first programme investigates whether neuroscience can tell us anything about criminality and violence, and what role brain-based evidence will play in the court room.

The programme talks to many of the delegates from last April’s The Law and Ethics of Brain Scanning conference which was one of the first to consider the legal issues of brain scans in detail.

All of the conference talks have been put online as mp3 files so you can listen to the talks yourself if you want to hear more.

In the mean time, this edition of All in the Mind covers the key issues and next week’s will investigate some more (as yet undisclosed) aspects of so-called ‘mind-reading’ technology.

Link to AITM on ‘Mind Reading’.
Link to The Law and Ethics of Brain Scanning conference audio.

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