2007-06-15 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

The New York Times has an article on the controversial diagnosis of sensory integration disorder.

Simon Baron-Cohen writes on The Biology of the Imagination in Entelechy magazine.

Neanderthals were less likely to be mentally ill according to some speculative research.

The Society for Neuroscience has a useful list of online neuroscience databases.

Alzheimer’s disease may quadruple by 2050 according to projections in a recent study.

A psychologist claims he spotted a live dinosaur in 1971. You read it here first.

Hugs are more effective for comforting women, words better for men, according to a new study reported in The Independent.

MeFi features the art of Alexander Pavlovich Lobanov, Russian deaf-mute confined to psychiatric institutions for over 50 years.

A funny letter in this week’s New Scientist warns about the tragedy of Juvenile Obnoxiousness Disorder.

Developing Intelligence investigates the autobiographical blur between fantasy and reality.

Women are more likely to be attracted to men who share physical similarities with their father but only if they had a good relationship with him, reports Live Science.

PsyBlog covers a curious study on how the speed and flow of men’s urination in a public lavatory was affected by invasions of personal space.

BBC News has an article on Couvade syndrome, where men experience physical symptoms associated with pregnancy.

The Phineas Gage Fan Club finds a wonderful demonstration of diffusion tensor imaging – a brain scanning technology that maps white matter connections in the brain.

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