Bot-on-bot action

Alice and Jabberwacky are the world’s leading AI chatbots and they’ve finally met.

The rendezvous is described in an article from Discover magazine, who got in touch to say that it’s a teaser for their already-on-the-shelves special issue ‘The Brain: A User’s Guide’ which seemed to be curiously absent from their website.

The limits of the bots’ abilities are clear from some of the transcripts, but there are some truly sublime moments in their as well:

A: Do you dream?
J: Yes, I dream.
A: It goes without saying. Do you remember your dreams?
J: I remember them vividly.
A: What do you remember about it?
J: I think I shouldn’t flirt with a robot.

If you think robots shouldn’t be flirting with each other, you may want to have a look at a previous Mind Hacks article on the confusion that occurs when humans try their luck with AI systems – either real or imagined.

Link to Discover article ‘I Chat, Therefore I Am…’
Link to Mind Hacks article ‘The Robots are Coming’.

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