An owner’s manual for the brain

So when did Discover magazine get so good? They’ve got an excellent ‘Mind and Brain’ section with a long list of feature articles freely available online.

Actually, what I wanted to feature was a one off magazine called ‘Discover presents The Brain: An Owner’s Manual’, which I found on the shelves of my local newsagent.

It’s labelled ‘Spring 07’, so is obviously current, but I can’t find anything about it on Discover’s website.

Check it out if you get the chance though. It’s solely dedicated to psychology and neuroscience and has some fantastic articles, but also includes some beautiful photos of intricate brain structures and has some neuropsychological tests to try.

Also, there are interviews with psychologist, author and diagnosed bipolar patient Kay Redfield Jamison, and Nobel prize-winning biologist and consciousness researcher Gerald Edelman.

Why this special issue isn’t mentioned on their website is something of a mystery though.

Link to Discover magazine ‘Mind and Brain’ section.

2 thoughts on “An owner’s manual for the brain”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, it is an spectacular special on the Brain. I also bought the May Issue, which is fantastic too. They have earned our subscription.
    And, yes, when I blogged about the special and was looking for somewhere to link to I was equally surprised that they seem to want to keep it a top secret

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