2007-04-06 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

The New York Times has a fantastic article on non-medical ways of dealing with auditory hallucinations and the growing hearing voices movement.

Steven Pinker has been doing talks recently on the psychology of violence and published and article in Edge outlining his main arguments.

The Neurophilosopher has a great post on how the brain makes sense of complex visual scenes and hybrid images.

Frontal Cortex looks just published research suggesting that depression may be overdiagnosed.

The New York Times has an article and video on how families cope with epilepsy and the stigma which is sadly still attached to the disorder.

The Times reviews Zimabardo’s new book The Lucifer Effect.

The Memory Hacker: Popular Science magazine looks at how one man is attempting to develop implantable chips to enhance memory function.

Time magazine is Getting Serious About Happiness in an article on the first PhD programme in positive psychology.

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