Neuroscience for toddlers

Nina and the Neurons is a BBC TV series aimed at children aged six and under that looks at the psychology and neuroscience of the senses.

It’s presented by the bubbly and attractive Nina who, with the help of a collection of animated neurons, explores and explains the senses and gives various sensory demonstrations.

The programme is shown on BBC Children’s channel CBeebies, but there’s some episodes kicking around internet bittorrent trackers and they’re well worth checking out either if you know children who might enjoy them, or if you’re interested in how neuroscience could be taught to young children.

Nina typically fields questions from children and then goes to meet their family and runs experiments with them to test out the ideas.

The programme is based at the Glasgow Science Centre which has earned a reputation for new and interesting ways of engaging the public in science education.

As well as the programme information page, there’s also a website of Nina’s Lab where children can match sensations to the senses.

Link to programme information.
Link to Nina’s Lab.

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