Help discover the link between music and personality

Jeremy Dean, owner of PsyBlog and postgraduate psychology researcher, is asking for participants to take part in an online study looking at the links between music preferences and personality.

The psychology and neuroscience of music has recently become an exciting area, as indicated by the popularity of books and articles on the area.

For example, a few months ago The New York Times ran a feature article that looked at the work of Prof Daniel Levitin and his recent highly-regarded book (as we reported previously on Mind Hacks).

Research into the links between music and personality is also becoming more established, as it becomes clear that our musical preferences are influenced by and reflect our personal characteristics.

One of my favourite studies looked at the links between personality and bass sounds and found that “Psychoticism, gender, and Extraversion are all positively related to preference for enhanced bass”!

Jeremy’s study aims to further this research, and is asking for volunteers to complete some online questionnaires.

Crucially, he’s only recruiting people from United Kingdom or Ireland who are over 18 years of age, but if you fit the bill and are interested in taking part, follow the link below.

UPDATE: Jeremy has emailed to say the study is now over and thanks very much to everyone who volunteered!

Link to PsyBlog page ‘Take Part in Research on Music and Personality’.

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