All in the Mind on the Zyprexa saga

ABC Radio’s All in the Mind has broadcast a special on the legal case and previously secret Eli Lilly documents that just came to light on antipsychotic drug Zyprexa, also known as olanzapine, one of the most profitable drugs in the world.

We’ve been keeping track of the story here at Mind Hacks, as it was first picked up by The New York Times and disseminated across the world.

A lot of the digging on the story has been done by investigative journalist Philip Dawdy who has been publishing his revelations on mental health blog Furious Seasons.

He also published copies of the previously secret Eli Lilly documents that seem to suggest that the drug company tried to promote olanzapine inappropriately and obscure information about the drugs negative health effects.

As well as covering the accusations and revelation, All in the Mind also gets Eli Lilly’s response, who have categorically denied any wrong-doing and give a spirited defence on the programme.

Link to AITM on ‘The Zyprexa story’.

One thought on “All in the Mind on the Zyprexa saga”

  1. Appreciate Mind hacks,Philip Dawdy,Furious seasons and all the activist who expose Eli Lilly zyprexa profiteering.
    I’ve linked this blog to my site,looking forward to the ABC broadcast.
    Keep up the good work,Daniel Haszard

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