Greetings cards for mental illness

Greetings card manufacturer Hallmark have released a new line of cards especially for the person in your life experiencing mental illness, such as depression or an eating disorder, or other traumatic and difficult times.

ABC News has a report on the cards which are designed with colours to reflect the mood of the situation and pithy messages to match:

For eating disorders: “All I want is for you to be healthy and happy with yourself. Please take it one day at a time until you are.”

For depression: “When the world gets heavy, remember, I’m here to help carry it with you.”

There’s no word on cards for psychosis or paranoia (maybe “Like you, I never trusted those neighbours and their infernal thought stealing machines”) or people detained under the mental health act (“Kafkaesque doesn’t begin to describe the situation. Have a successful tribunal”).

Perhaps I’ve found a gap in the market?

Link to Journeys cards on Hallmark website.
Link to ABC News story (via Trouble with Spikol).

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