Secret antipsychotic drug documents now online

Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly has been in the news recently over sealed documents leaked to the New York Times which suggest that they covered-up the dangers of their popular antipsychotic drug olanzapine.

In particular, it has been alleged that Eli Lilly knew about the drug’s side-effects before they were widely known but deliberately tried to obscure this information and market to non-specialist doctors who would be less aware of the problems.

Mental health blog Furious Seasons has obtained the documents and today, made them available online so you can read them for yourself.

How the documents got leaked in the first place is still a mystery, and the US federal judge involved in related court cases has asked the New York Times reporter Alex Berenson, who broke the story, to explain himself in court. Currently, the paper is refusing to co-operate.

In reply to the allegations made in the newspaper reports, Eli Lilly have said that “The Times failed to mention that these leaked documents are a tiny fraction of the more than 11 million pages of documents provided by Lilly as part of the litigation process. They do not accurately portray Lilly’s conduct”.

Link to copies of Eli Lilly documents.
Link 1 and Link 2 of previous Mind Hacks coverage on the story.
Link to Eli Lilly response to allegations.

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