Mind control and the modern citizen

The Washington Post has an intriguing article on people who believe they are subject to secret government ‘mind control’ technology.

People who experience voices being ‘beamed’ into their heads or forces acting on their bodies, have formed communities on the internet to support each other and to lobby the government to stop what they claim are illegal tests of this ‘invasive technology’.

Critics argue that they are simply mentally ill, and indeed some probably are. In a paper published last year myself and some colleagues reported that some people show obvious signs of psychosis. Despite this, however, they have formed complex and innovative online communities.

Many members of this community are obviously not mentally ill though, and have concerns that might seem a little unusual but are no different from the types of concerns that drive JFK, 9/11 and Princess Diana enthusiasts.

One of the most interesting aspects of this community, in all its diversity, is that it challenges the psychiatric notion of what is considered a delusion.

In one of the more curious episodes during the last consultation for the UK Government’s Draft Mental Health Bill, an organisation called Christians Against Mental Slavery made a surprising submission to the parliamentary committee.

Even if you don’t buy their premise that the government is testing ‘Mind Invasive Technology’ on people, they make some pertinent points.

For example, they suggest that if a psychiatrist is presented with someone who complains of being affected by microwave mind control technology (not uncommon in psychosis), they should put them in Faraday cage to see if their experiences stop, so the psychiatrist can try and test whether they are genuinely delusional.

The fact that delusions are diagnostically ‘false beliefs’ but clinicians largely rely on assumptions (rather than tests) about the truth of a belief, is a point that has also been made in the medical literature.

Indeed, some authors have argued as a result, that the falsity condition should be rejected as one of the criteria in diagnosis.

One interesting point, rarely considered by the mind control community or its critics, is that it is possible, indeed common, to have isolated or restricted psychosis-like experiences that are relatively benign.

For example, someone might hear voices, have unusual beliefs, or experience their thoughts being broadcast or altered from outside, while not being significantly disabled by their experiences.

The fact that someone could have reasonable concerns about ‘mind control’ technology, which governments have certainly tried to develop, while also hearing voices or having other similarly unusual experiences, is often overlooked.

Link to Washington Post ‘Mind Games’.

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  1. Do these folks have a story about why it is that the government doesn’t just mind-control them into believing they’re not being mind-controlled?

    1. “Do these folks have a story about why it is that the government doesn’t just mind-control them into believing they’re not being mind-controlled?”

      They do. It’s called sleep deprivation.

      When someone is targeted by a process that includes the microwave auditory effect
      (see Wiki or Danger Room blog)
      sleep deprivation dictates that
      process. They are made to appear and to talk exactly like someone with real psychosis but only b/c of sleep deprivation. They are
      convinced they are crazy with
      associated delusion of being

      (Yup, schizophrenics also experience sleep deprivation etc. Wow, good point)

      After a period of time (years)
      targets are told that there is
      nothing wrong with them mentally.
      So yes, while the victim has access to $ and therefore a degree of freedom that person is then “allowed” to see psychiatrists and take
      antipsychotics until…
      you guessed it, the $ and job is gone.

      At that point it doesn’t matter
      what is believe. Tortureboys
      just go ahead and tell them
      there never was anything wrong.
      (And yes, ppl who actually have SCZ say there is nothing wrong
      with them or been misdiagnosed every other day)

      That is but a small flavor
      of the process. And no, it
      can never be stopped or proved.
      (just like the real thing)

      Those in the helping professions are surrounded by ppl with real problems everyday. The only rational response to this (probably unread) comment can be,
      “poor fellow, hope he is shown that it’s all a delusion..” etc.

      To tell you the truth I don’t
      know which is worse, delusion
      or the simulated variety? When
      sleep deprived for 6-8 months
      (w/o organ failure and w/o
      street drugs)there is no difference.

      The target is slowly allowed
      to sleep but only to the point
      where memory is still impaired.

    2. A few questions, First In Neuroscience Don’t they use NlP to an mass neuro reprograming example using hypnosis to convince the mind it can be programed and entered without the victim knowing,then they use torment and set up illusion to further and make the mind depended on the programing and wondering for answers and having raising thoughts from in the mind they use the illusion of people controling them so there mind excepts that it can be done, and thus making them a actual victim of psychological mind control ? Second Is What can be done about this I have heard of people file law suits ect. heard about one victim who said he filed a law suit against his own family who soposelliy put him under mind control to change his view’s on raise and to change his view’s on religion and to get him registered to take away his rights. The Question is ? is there away to file law suit and who and what type lawyer would you talk to? I think people who look into this mind control stuff need this type of info. for sure the victims need it and maybe if theses people have big consequences and the word on what to do and how to do it gets out maybe there would be less victims and less people lossing there lifes over selfish ways.. A Book with this info. would probly be a big seller..

  2. I accidentaly made some photos when visiting Moscow in the end of 1990’s of a group of folks demonstrating on the street against the use of “psychotronic weapons”. These people looked quite strange and seemed scared. Years later I discovered a number of sites, along with forums and discussions of this “mind-controlling” weapons. Some posts indeed seemed delusional. Google finds more than 60 000 sites on the phrase “–ø—Å–∏—Ö–æ—Ç—Ä–æ–Ω–Ω–æ–µ –æ—Ä—É–∂–∏–µ” – “psychotronic weapons”.

  3. A month ago, “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” – “Russian Newspaper” had published an interview with some “major-general of Federal Guard Service”, Boris Ratnikov. He claims that his psychotronic hardware had been reading, among other’s, the “subconscious of Madeleine Albright”.
    The article’s title is “The Chekists had been reading Madeleine Albright’s thoughts”. (See “Cheka” in Wikipedia – it’s the old name for KGB)
    Lol. (0:
    But it’s a shame for Russia to have such rubbish printed in a major newspaper. Not only major, this newspaper was founded by the Government and prints all the official acts and documents – they come into action only after they are published in Rossiyskaya Gazeta. And they allow to print such nonsense..

  4. Mind Control is just a smidgen of the truth. What is true, is bigger than what most people define as reality itself. This is a huge problem. It is a problem because in attempting to spread the truth about what is taking place, you have to inform others of what exists beyond what they presently believe are the limits of reality.
    Today’s Physicists do not even include the big picture in their understandings. This is why they do not understand the reasoning behind Particle/Wave behavior, Action at a Distance, Collapse of the Quantum Wave, etc.
    The reality we live within is a relativistic reality. Left is related to right, up to down, good to bad, one to another, etc.
    The relativistic reality is related to the holistic reality. The holistic reality extends across ALL time. On that side, you deal with infinities, not finites as do we.
    There you find those who are basically infinite in intellect and size. They proceed to have their own goals and have complete control of what we think is our reality. They toy with the minds of many. With the truth being to large to be believed, they can, and do, get away with whatever horrific act that can be done.
    The worst of it, is that they torment the innocent, and then proceed to twist other petite human minds into believing that these victims are either not innocent at all, or are people suffering from a form of mental instability.
    In short, the cruelty they practice is about the same as that practiced by Adolf Hitler and his men, but with difference since this level of brutality has also been multiplied by massive massive numbers indeed.
    With this being the case, Adolf Hitler appears to be a Saint dressed in pristine white in comparison.
    The truth is absolutely Horrible !
    Unfortunately, as I said, we live in a relativistic reality, and so in our minds there in both Belief, and Dis-Belief. Those on the other side take advantage of this. All the horrific acts practiced by them are always selected such that they will fit deep inside your zone of Dis-Belief.
    This then insures that they will always win!

    1. That is quite an email.
      I do not believe that the tortureboys you refer to operate
      beyond Philip K Dick time and
      space. The more they sleep
      deprive you the more suggestible
      your mind tends to be and the more all-powerful “they” tend to appear.

      There is an “Adjustment Bureau”
      but they do not use that name
      or wear fadora hats unless the object is to totally scramble
      the targets brain. And…
      that is always one objective
      among many.

  5. One other thing to mention.
    Because the victims are exposed to that which is basically larger than life, thanks to the Holistic plane of reality being included within the picture, the typical victims interpretation of what is occurring, involves/creates a distorted picture of the actual event.
    What you here from their mouths is the explanations of a larger events, as seen and interpreted from a limited point of view.
    In other words, it is like attempting to explain a 4 dimensional event, while present within a 3 dimensional reality. It just can’t fit.
    The outcome then becomes explanations by use of that which is already known of within the 3 dimensional reality, but in combination with everything being blown out of proportion at the same time, thanks to the remaining dimension not being presented in its actual form.
    Both sides get it wrong. By both sides, I mean the side of the victim who is telling the story, and the side of those who listen to the story.
    This will continue as is as long as close mindedness carries on and on.

    1. You are confusing predictive
      software with omniscience.

      The target is subject to
      being maneuvered into no-way-out
      situations continuously. They
      can’t turn right or left and
      are trapped in what is seen as
      physical and or ego death. (typical of what actual
      paranoids and psychotics have been relating to doctors or clergy since time began)
      Chances are you MAY not be one
      of those. What you might be up
      against are thugs who operate
      with impunity with help from
      something called the Microwave
      Auditory Effect (Wiki)and also
      referred to as “voice of god”
      technology which has been made
      to take on the non-reality of
      urban legend. It is very real.

      The conditions of your life are
      being planned years ahead of
      their actual occurrence. This
      is accomplished by controlling
      and limiting your day to day actions. It is not 10
      dimensional chess but I do agree
      it certainly feels that way.

  6. To me the issue here is about the morality of such weaponry – which the article clearly says is in existence (even if in the infancy), and is being hotly pursued in the defense industry.
    In my view, “weapons” such as these are just plain sick.
    I also wonder about the possible liability issues for periodicals/news organizations that dismiss the testimonies of those who relate their sufferings.
    Whether I believe these people or not, if I were a news organization I would clearly state that I fully believe that testing/using weaponry on Citizens is criminal if not insane, and that laws expressly forbidding such experimentation should be firmly in place.
    Doing otherwise might expose me to legal action in the unlikely event that this were ever proved true, and people could claim I helped aid and abet it by my scoffing.

  7. Letter to Mr Toni Blair
    UK Prime minister
    Dear Toni Blair
    I am Iranian British and targeted by the Iranian terrorist government and British supporter.
    They using electromagnetic, microwave weapon and torturing me 24/7 daily basic.
    They microwaved me in my home in London.
    http://www.willthomas.net/Convergence/Weekly/ Microwaving_Iraq.htm
    I have got some evidence from http://www.mindavenger.com which is shown UK government targeting me and torturing me.
    mindavenger@yahoo.com 03/07/06 wrote.
    The radar phased array field that is attacking you is probably one the located in South Wales. Read my book to learn more. People are being tortured all around the “free word” for weapons testing by the U.S. and U.K.
    If you can’t afford it I will send you one for free. Click on the book icon to see the products I have that will help stop the bio-communication torture weapon to some degree.
    mindavenger@yahoo.com 28/06/06 wrote.
    I know how much pain your are suffering. I was tortured by the exact same weapons system and people here in the US.
    I don’t want to discourage you, but I have met with 22 congressment last month and the US has held hearing about the testing and torturing of people by radio frequency weapons several times in the last three decades. They are old weapons.
    The military need data on the effectiveness on the worlds population in every language and culture. Your point of light was selected in the war room, located in Nukey England in Lizard (a secret base). That is who is testing their weapon on you. They perform the same script on everyone to get them to hate their enemies.
    The enemy is within.
    The saint.
    mindavenger@yahoo.com 24/06/06 wrote.
    I don’t want to discourage you. But you don’t understand how long and how worldwide this testing is. The Russians and the US/UK Joint forces command and control surveillance grids are the only countries that have this weapon right now. Both the US and UK government have been corrupted along time ago. You need to pull yourself away from the belief that they are righteous and good. Do your research!
    I using devices which I get from http://www.mindavenger. com
    it is quiet help full.
    Dear Toni
    I need your help to stop torturing me,microwaving me by the UK government and Iranian terrorist government.
    I called Dr and they giving me amitryptilane which have got side effect and no good inogh.
    http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/ medmaster/a682388.html#side-effects
    M Tahani

  8. My interest in this article is two-fold. Firstly, I read online the piece by Sharon Weinberger in the Washington Post, and wrote a letter to the editor, which, alas wasn’t published. Secondly, it was I who drafted the Christians Against Mental Slavery submission to the Joint Committee on the Draft Mental Health Bill, following a meeting I had with Rosie Winterton, Junior Health Minister, when I was at the 2004 Labour Conference.
    In case anybody’s interested, here’s the text of my unpublished letter to the Washington Post:
    _Mind “games” that aren’t exactly playful; perhaps “Mind wars” is a more apt term_
    The Washington Post and Ms Weinberger herself are to be thanked and congratulated heartily that Sharon Weinberger [Mind Games, Washington Post Magazine, Sunday, January 14, 2007; Page W22] has given further maintream media coverage to the international movement against weapons capable of the manipulation of human beings, concerning which the call for such weapons to be banned worldwide, in European Parliament Resolution A4-0005/99 Paragraph 27, is only one of many initiatives over the past few decades, which elected politicians have taken. This generous coverage will be a source of considerable rejoicing to the thousands upon thousands of people who, over the past few decades, have contacted me and colleagues of mine active within the international movement against these weapons, people from every continent of the world except for Antarctica, more than half of those making contact alleging that they too are being targeted remotely, to their detriment, by objectively unidentified assailants armed with weapons of this class.
    It is a pity therefore that I am obliged to try to correct a few small details of misinformation, in what was generally a well-researched and well-written piece, on a subject that has been distressingly poorly publicised hitherto, considering its grave importance. I’m not being pernickety. The misinformation may appear superficially only only to be slight, but its affect upon the casual reader to whom the subject matter is novel would likely be to cause them to suspect our entire community of testifying untruthfully, perhaps because of some supposed “mental illness” we all shared. That is certainly what anybody in his right mind would want to be the case, so it is best that I should set out a few of the omitted facts, to make it a little less easy for the readers of the Washington Post to retreat into comforting incredulity of our claims, and to improve the quality of the information upon which they will base their future attitudes.
    Ms Weinberger focusses upon the hypthosesis, as though it were the only hypothesis that “held water” (apart from the depressingly predicable so-called “mental illness” conjecture), that the abuse documented by the victims is universally perpetrated by elements within the USA’s public sector, acting in an official capacity. The article mentions an earlier public sector so-called “mind control” programme with a similarly amoral ethos, albeit deploying different, less effective and far more primitive technology, namely the CIA’s now long-abandoned MKULTRA programme, for which programme of non-consensual human-subject experimentation a former President of the United States did publicly apologise in 1997, at the time ordering all the surviving MKULTRA files to be declassified and published. A colleague of mine who does scientific research for our community, has purchased a copy of the relevant CIA compact disk, which contains around 30,000 surviving MKULTRA documents. Alas, so far, he hasn’t come across therein any new primary source material he considers it worthwhile referencing in his published literature review papers, addressing contemporary issues.
    Whilst the cruel MKULTRA fiasco lends some limited credibility to the guess that the present abuses might also be being perpetrated by the public sector, there is a peril in allowing this guess, however plausible, to crystalise into an unshakeable belief that public perpetration of the abuses is the true explanation in every instance. There would have to be either (at best) a severe deficit in the accountability of the USA’s intelligence services to elected politicians, or (at worst) active complicity, on the part of elected politicians, in the human rights abuses alleged. Such an assumption would therefore unnecessarily render the entire movement against “manipulation” weapons politically controversial, if we “wed” the entire movement to a subjective suspicion of public sector complicity, however plausible.
    Whilst it might remain the least incredible conspiracy theory amongst targeted individuals (TIs), it would be quite wrong to define it as a conspiracy theory that was of the essence of the complaint. There are plenty of TIs and supportive fellow-activists who take the same view as the European Parliament and others, but who favour other conspiracy theories, and still more (perhaps a majority worlwide) who simply don’t have the temperement, the talent, or the motivation to construct any plausible conspiracy theory at all, remaining content to testify to the abuses they and others experience, and to draw attention to the scientific proof of feasibility of those abuses, which proof is more abundant than the poor press coverage today of the issue would tend to suggest, without pointing the finger at government at all, let alone at any specific agency.
    Another piece of misinformation I am sure nobody will mind my correcting, is Ms Weinberger’s insinuation that the subclass of “manipulation” weapons which the USA Army calls V2K weapons might not yet exist, or might only have been developed recently. I myself made creative use of a declassified-technology, comparatively innocuous ultrasound-based device of this type, when I was an Alliance For Change candidate in the 2005 British general election. (The press releases on the Alliance For Change website document the relevant escapades – see http://www.AllianceForChange.co.uk). The entry about V2K weapons in the Military Thesaurus published by the Center for Army Lessons Learned at Fort Leavenworth explicitly mentions the somewhat more threatening microwave-based V2K devices, which, the entry says, are capable of subliminal deployment, in addition to the consciously audible deployment that would cause targeted individuals to complain of hearing sounds with no obvious proximate origin, and of which others nearby were unaware. Microwave-based V2K weapons can be deployed “through the wall”. The suggestion that Aluminium can block such weapons is easy to refute. One need only wrap a cellphone in Aluminium foil and dial it’s number and listen to the phone ringing in order to refure that item of misinformation.
    The relevant thesaurus entry defining V2K weapons was at http://call.army.mil/products/thesaur/00016275.htm last time I checked. If it has been moved yet again, as it tends to be whenever the press publish anything that cites its most recent URL, a saved copy of the thesaurus entry is available on the Christians Against Mental Slavery website, http://www.slavery.org.uk.
    The microwave hearing effect which microwave-based V2K weapons could easily be exploiting was known anecdotally amongst radar technicians during World War II. It was demonstrated rigorously in an experiment conducted by Sharp and Grove, and publicised in an American Psychologist edition during 1975. Shortly before Christmas, I was mentioned by name in two separate items of correspondence signed by the British Home Secretary in person, the second of which, far from denying the existence of V2K weapons (a futile denial for The Rt Hon Dr Reid MP to have attempted, because any such denial would be readily refuted by the extensive evidence of the weapons’ feasibility and actual deployment, in the available unclassified literature), set out the British government’s position: my question as to whether the British public sector had access to V2K weapons was a question the minister was refusing to answer, “in the interest of national security”. This outcome fulfilled a prediction that I had been emailed a few days beforehand by the Team Leader of the Covert Investigatory Policy Team, within the Intelligence and Security Liaison Unit at the British Home Office.
    Ms Weinberger correctly identifies a congruence of symptoms between known bio-effects that can be inflicted using electromagnetic weapons and the symptoms of schizophrenia. Directly relevant to this observation is the copiously referenced literature review paper by my colleague John McMurtrey, Microwave Bio-effect Congruence With Schizophrenia. The conclusion of that paper informed another paper by an Australian psychotherapist who practises in London England, entitled, On the Need for New Criteria for Diagnosing Psychosis in the Light of Mind-Invasive Technology. These and other papers, one of which refutes the scepticism expressed in Ms Weinberger’s article as to whether target-tracking technology is yet advanced enough continually to target individuals on the move, plus a very long feasibility study produced for the USA’s Department of Defense in 1975, the result of three years of well-funded post-doctoral research, may be found at http://www.slavery.org.uk/science.htm.
    There are several not-for-profit trust funds in existence amongst whose beneficiaries are those who claim to be targeted individuals. The one with which I am associated is called The Harassment and Torture Charity, and the website, which is still in the early stages of development, but which nevertheless provides the interested reader with valuable resources for further private self-education, is http://www.thatfund.org.
    The telephone conference in which Ms Weinberger participated was not the largest ever In October, there was an international telephone conference in which over fifty people participated, of eight different nationalities, from addresses as far afield as Australia and Alaska. Details of that conference are published on the Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance website.
    All this activity, and all the other activity there isn’t time to mention in a letter short enough for to be likely to be published, represent a well-organised, multi-faceted campaign. The community of which I am just one member takes this work very seriously. That is because we do not consider that we are addressing a problem aptly described “Mind Games”, but rather one that it would not be in the least melodramatic to describe as nothing short of Mind Wars.
    Yours sincerely,
    John Allman
    15 Regent Court, Albert Street, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 3YA.
    +44 7930 51979

  9. Paul Gowder asked, “Do these folks have a story about why it is that the government doesn’t just mind-control them into believing they’re not being mind-controlled?”
    Yes. The term “mind control” is one I avoid using amongst the general public without qualification, precisely because of the misunderstanding that can arise in the minds of people (such as Paul Gowder) that complete and utter reduction of the victim to the state of automaton is being asserted, leading to Gowder’s Paradox, whereas (for example) the goal of the military is much more modestly described, in one document (the New Vistas report), merely as “psychological direction”.
    As Robin Ramsay (Ed, Lobster) advised me, the colloquial term “mind control” simply “bristles” with the association with the word “crank”, in the public mind. Indeed, I find it very difficult to get letters and articles published – apart from when standing for Parliament. Even without the “kiss of death” of my using the dreaded MC-phrase, the media remain wary of the topic, and hence of me. So far as I can remember, excepting local press during election times, I’ve only got my words printed, about anything, in Lobster, Fortean Times, New Scientist (twice, but only once recently), The Guardian, Freedom Today, The Yorkshire Post and certain sections of the religious press. It’ll be quite a while before this topic gets discussed on Newsnight. 🙂
    It would be surprising if attempts were not being made – perhaps being made in every case – to influence targets’ beliefs and behaviour entirely undetected, as Mr Gowder seems to assume would always be possible given any degree of “mind control”, the unwarranted assumption that is the flaw in his paradox. To apply Douglas Adams’ amusing concept (“there are some who say that this has already happened”), it is possible that Mr Gowder doesn’t have a “story” adequate to convince anybody else that this isn’t already happening to HIM. 🙂
    However, generally, (hitherto?) mentally healthy people can be expected fairly often to notice that something untoward is happening to them, when they first become targeted, even if their initial best guesses as to exactly what is happening are poor guesses, and even if they become almost as “addicted” to their (sometimes embarrassingly poor) best guesses as classic “psychotic” people are said to become to their “delusions”.
    I hope this helps.

  10. I would suggest to the people that are doubtful that this technology exist read Dr. Nick Begich’s new book. In the meantime I have a slightly different take on this. I believe that we are test subjects just like the victims of MKultra and the Pandora Project. It should not take any stretch of the imagination to realize that our governemnt via the intelligence communities are making the “persons of interest” be it activist, lawyers, whistleblowers etc. victims of interrogation testing. This testing allows for hypnosis and possibly medication. The use of odors is a common complaint. It also should not be a stretch of the imagination that these people are communicating via low and high frequencies. We all have cell phones. Take this to another level.The problem seems to me to be that the words such as “beaming” “mind control” scare and turn away the average citizen that would listen if we put it in a better perspective. The use of weapons to interrogate and the use of the active-denial weapons technology alonmg with psychotronic weapons are being used on citizens in this country. There are too many complaints that all sound alike to discard what is being stated by all the victims. The CIA-FBI and now the NSA have a history of abusing people’s constitutional rights and this should come as no surprise. These are military weapons and I am sure that the DoD is aware of the use and misuse of this technology. If they want test subjects then let them use their families and other agents families. See how they feel about that. Mind control can be manipulation, suggestions and these people are trying to alter personalities or change the victims to keep them quiet.

  11. Take away the words Mind Control and think of someone being manipulated by suggestions or told that what they know is not the truth that it is their imagination. This is indeed a form of ‘mind control”. Like John I agree that the use of the words “mind control” makes the public think of people in a stuper. Some of the victims recognize what is happening to them and are able to spread the word. Yes, there are people out there that believe ib aliens and being abducted but they do not belong to the group of people that are trying to alert the public to the abuse of citizens via the weapons. Please go to the Psychtechnology Research Laboratory webpage and read about the psychological program. The problem is that when these people get tricked into hospitals they either run into doctors that are not up on their reading. I suggest that the State hospitals be required to take refresher courses in new technology. The other issue is even if these people do not meet the axis (a chart of symptoms for each mental illness) they still get diagnosed and medicated. When I read post that suggest ignorance towards this technology I want to grab the person and wke them up. If you look for the information there is credible info by scientist to support all of these people that are speaking out. Sure it is possible to get someone in the group that has a real mental illness but after a while they too reveal themselves. I am not as proficient at talking about the technology but I have read and I do support these people. I think that eventually our government would love to control people as would all other governments but for now they can only make subliminal suggestions that some of the victims act on. It does seem that if they act on something today they will not act on everything. If the government could do what they wanted with this technology indeed you might see some robots.

  12. Again let me emphasize that the source of the problem is not within the present vision of the majority.
    Any developed electronic equipment of today that may be assumed to be related to Mind Control, can be assumed to be related to Mind Control, only if the majority of the facts are ignored.
    Unfortunately, if all the facts are taken into account that surpass those of which support the electronic equipment theories, then those who present such facts are assumed to belong under the classification of mentally unstable, or psychotic, since their presentations or stories seem to be beyond the possible.
    The end result is that the complete facts become broken into divisions of the ” Possible ” and the ” Utter Nonsense “.
    This division then prevents any investigation into the actual. Instead we have two offshoots which both point away, and lead away, from the actual source of the problem at hand.
    The problem at hand surpasses the present day understanding of the structure of reality, and of course also surpasses anything that is revealed through religion.
    This therefore makes it extremely difficult to expose the truth of the situation. This is quite extreme when dealing with those who have religious beliefs. A belief in general tends to force someone to stop dead in their tracks when it comes to going beyond that belief.
    Truth and belief are not one in the same, but these people insist upon not leaving the belief behind, such that they can get to the truth. They think that if their belief is a correct one, then there is no need to move to an elsewhere. Again, truth and belief are not one in the same, but unfortunately, their intellect is not suffice to realize this.
    As I have stated on my upper posts, there are two planes of reality. An EVENT can be governed from either of these two planes of reality. Since there are two planes of reality, I am sure you realize that they are not the same in structure, for if they were, then there would be only one. Therefore, the effect that one reality has on the EVENT, is different than if the EVENT is governed from the other plane of reality.
    This is why in the land of physics, we have seen both particle and wavelike interaction behaviors between particles. Which of the two planes of reality governs these interactions, determines what the form of behavior will be.
    My point here is to prove that there is a second plane of reality, and others do exist within it.
    Meanwhile this sounds like something from a science fiction movie. People have now learned that science fiction stories of the past have led to facts of the present, and from this realize that science fiction of today may lead to science fact of tomorrow. However, this black and white digital like thinking does not include the fine details within the gray area that lie in-between this black and white conclusiveness.
    This means that what sounds like fiction today, does not mean that it is not also possibly a fact.
    But to today’s mentality, it can only become fact in perhaps 10 minutes, a day, or maybe a month, but in no way at all can it be a fact at this ” real time ” moment.
    If this second plane of reality is considered to be related to Religion, meaning the place the God himself resides within, then as I have stated, this leads to a dead end since those who have religious beliefs, also have their minds set in park mode, and will not surpass anything that is not spoken of within the Bible. To them, the words from an aged book, are to always be superior to the words of mankind today, and every day.
    To make it even more difficult, those who can figure it all out, are the simple minded. This does not make sense to the average person. The average person thinks that only a complex mind could figure out the big picture concerning this bizarre so called Mind Control, or reality itself for that matter.
    To understand something, one must assemble all the pieces. The complex minded tend also to be knowledgeable people. If you take the complete picture and shatter it into tiny pieces, you then have pieces of knowledge. The knowledgeable are therefore experts at keeping the complete picture shattered into separate knowledge units.
    The simple minded do not gather knowledge units, but instead gather units of understanding. If they then present their understandings, it is done with simple language, since a collection of a vast vocabulary ( knowledge Units ) is not in line with their particular skill. Everything they understand is broken down into its simplest form such that no error is possible. This Simplicity is rejected since the average person does not realize that they are limited in their abilities because they are not aware of that which is even simpler than what they presently perceive to be the simplest to be known of. Therefore any presentations of such simplicity, to them each have no value at all.
    This presents the other side of the problem.
    And so what we have is mankind floating in-between the simplicity of the very foundation of reality itself. In other words, even though the foundation becomes one again when it is completely understood, hence one understanding, mankind, due to its limitation, has a form of consciousness which does not make contact with the foundation of reality itself neither from mans side of simple thinking, nor his side of complex thinking.
    In short. we have a mind which perceives two opposing directions, simple and complex, even though if you followed either of them, and completed the trip, you would eventually reach and make contact with the foundation of reality. Hence, the mind of man is somewhat bent.
    What a nightmare

    1. That’s kinda FANTABULOUS
      (as is your screen name
      which kinda gives you away)

      You had me 2 comments ago…I finally caught up. (Hey I waited
      4 years to comment) This is what
      ppl have to endure when these
      subjects are mentioned in any
      accepted media. You get an
      avalanche of crap thrown at you
      that starts off looking lucid
      and ends up as a SIMULATION of
      what psychotic rambling is
      supposed to look like.
      Nice job.

      Dr Bell was fooled also so I
      can’t really feel bad.-)

  13. Hi, I am experiencing most of the things stated in this article. I do not know who is corrupting my thoughts or inducing images into my mind, but they are able to do the things that seem like the impossible. I have been going through this problem for 2 years and have fought the mind control. They seem to want you to commit crimes so they can put the guilt on you. One of the 7 tactics they use which I read on another website. They have definitely ruined my life. Especially my social life, if anyone knows where I can fight this problem, and not telling me that I have issues, then that would be great. I am 100% sure that I am not imagining things, as I had for the first year, but I have become stronger and am trying to regain my life away from this serious crime againt man kind. Please help me regain my rights and freedoms so that I can live a normal life again.

  14. I wrote some interesting info about “mind control” harassment by neighborhood activists back in 2001. It is in some archives. To find it Google: “Von Kidd” + “mind control”. In the results the one from buffalo.edu is heavily edited, the one from Topica directory isn’t.
    The info on how the perps hide their signal is incorrect. Not all the links work anymore, use the link’s topic as a search term. All the info from the links and more -including reliable, verifiable documentation from the media- is at: WantToKnow.Info. On their topic bar click mind control.
    In Freedom and Liberty,
    Von Kidd

    Dear Sir, Madam, :
    “What are the symptoms?”:
    — —
    “List of mind control symptoms,
    whether the related technology is scientifically proven
    and if there is military interest
    or funding of the related technology
    by Cheryl Welsh, March, 2003”:
    — —
    “Effects of GHz radiation on the human nervous system: Recent developments in the technology of political control
    Analysis on Mind Control Electromagnetic Weapons”
    by Harlan E. Girard
    Global Research, May 6, 2006:
    — —
    “What do victims experience?”:
    “ Technological harassment can include: “:
    — —
    “How it affects (Physical & psycho-physical damages): “:
    — —
    “ALPHABETICAL Index to Articles”: …
    “Symptom list, body image format”:
    — —
    “Psycho-Electronic Weapon (Mind Control Weapon)Effects”:
    — —
    Symptomology :
    — —
    Quote: “… psychotronic brain influences … ”:

    — —
    Advanced Electronic Security Co:
    Electronic Harassment:
    Quote: “Symptoms of Electronic Radiation Exposure
    Symptoms may include but are not limited to: Headache, eye irritation, dizziness, nausea, skin rash, facial swelling, weakness, fatigue, pain in joints and/or muscles, buzzing/ringing in ears, skin numbness, abdominal pressure and pain, breathing difficulty, irregular heartbeat, sexual stimulation and hearing voices (see Patent #4,858,612). Additional symptoms have been reported in some individuals such as paralysis, balance problems, body and/or muscle spasms, convulsions, confusion,depression, difficulty in concentrating, seizure, sleep disturbances, and memory difficulties. “:
    — —
    The American Cognitive Liberties Association:
    Victims and Comparisons:
    — —
    Mind Control:
    Brigitte Althof:
    Beschwerden und Störungen:
    — —
    “Effecten van Psychotronica _ Effects of Psychotronics”:
    “Violation of Humanrights with Psychotronics or Bioelectronics Most common ELF effects”:
    “Symptoms of Electromagnetic Torture: “:
    “Martelen met psychotronics 24 uur per dag! Torture 24 hours a day with psychotronics!
    Most Common Known ELF Effects “:
    — — — —
    “Targeting the Human with Directed Energy Weapons
    Dr. Reinhard Munzert
    6. Sept. 2002”:
    — —
    “Microwave Bioeffect Congruence With Schizophrenia”:
    John J. McMurtrey”:

    Click to access microwave_congruence_schizophrenia.pdf

    — —
    Carole Smith:
    “On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology”:
    — —
    “Mr. Williams
    On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis… ‚Äú:
    — —
    “Missbrauch der Psychiatrie”:
    — —
    by, Julianne McKinney
    Director, Electronic Surveillance Project
    Association of National Security Alumni
    December 1992”:
    — —
    John J. McMurtrey”:
    — — —
    Quote: “Electronic Assassination
    By Michele Moore
    November 23, 2005 :
    …A beam of the right electro magnetic energy aimed directly at your skull kills cleanly, secretly, silently and without a trace. …
    …A sense of malaise and then a sudden, stabbing headache may be the last things you remember. …
    …Your bones will ache and your skin will itch, your face will wither and your eyes sink, swollen and blood shot. ‚Ķ‚Äù:
    The Internet Archive Wayback Machine:
    — —
    freedomfchs.com: forum: Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance :
    Berkeley 2002 Resolution Sweeps Through Canada:
    Call for the global ban of remote manipulation of human beings by technical means:
    Expose and End Electronic Weapons Torture:
    Yours sincerely.

  16. Anatole, your post has helped me a lot, but I am far from being releived from suffering and torture. I have realized that the groups that are stalking me are great in numbers because there are those that are determined to keep their dominance over me and thus inflict confusion and physical harm to me. I was wondering if you had any further information to help me in getting rid of this problem. I fear that they are an underground source and will be hard to find by myself. I have alerted my psychiatrist and the sites such as mind justice that have a list of the symtoms I am experiencing have been ignored. I will soon be reporting a police report this week as my situation all of a sudden has turned awful. Please notify me with more information and help on shielding myself from the symtoms of artificial telepathy, and physical bodily harm. These have become a serious issue to me as of now.
    Thanks, my email raymond_k86@hotmail.com
    and I live in Canada, Toronto

  17. can anyone give me some help?
    I have a friend who has been experiencing
    what we belive to be artificial psychotic
    symptoms (voices) i myself was sceptical
    at the thought of it but having gained infomation
    about microwave and elf excitation my scepticisim
    has turned to concern i belive that somthing
    has happened to cause this (although im not sure what) but any support or info on this matter would be gratefully recived

  18. This is Bboy Skate. Yes, I am here to say fuck the police, and their inferiority to this whole situation. I am sure you all know the police can’t help, and it’s because they are weak and stupid. Sure they have power, but they don’t have natural power. Compared to me, they are fat and ugly. I’ve been smoking a lot of weed, but now I’m back in the game. Remember, we’re better than society and that is why we are targetted.

    BIOEFFECTS: That’s Impossible
    Dear @Sir, @Madam,
    Cheryl Welsh, New cable TV program on the mind control issue, U.S. secrecy methods for mind control weapons have fooled almost everyone, mindjustice.org, August 11, 2009, .
    Quote: I was interviewed for the Mind Control program and presented the argument that advanced mind control weapons are already developed. No one has been able to establish enough evidence to prove either that there are secret advanced government mind control weapons, or that there are not. Mind control weapons are an important public concern. The experts say it’s a future concern, while I argue, the public should be concerned now. There is significant new information and a rarely heard argument in support of the existence of developed, advanced, remote mind control weapons, and that illegal government mind control experiments allegation are true. I was also asked to discuss my claim of illegal government mind control experimentation. Since the 1950s, thousands have made similar allegations.
    The government secrecy surrounding mind control research is a threat to democracy because the successful development of mind control weapons has or almost certainly will take place in secrecy.
    I. The human body is essentially an electrochemical system. Most U.S. bioresearch has focused on a biochemical approach to the human body, such as drug research. The science of mind control weapons is based on the “electro” research of the electrochemical system of the human body. This is the study of human electromagnetic signals in the brain and nervous system and the bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on the human body. It can be shown that for over half a century, the U.S. government has underfunded, suppressed and controlled “electro” research, the scientific basis for EMR mind control weapons.
    The “electro” research is the scientific research that experts describe as the scientific basis for remote, advanced mind control weapons with the capabilities of mind reading, implanting thoughts, direct communication with the brain, surveillance and tracking a human, etc.
    The experts were wrong about major facts of U.S. secrecy methods and mind control weapons. It will be up to the public to recognize the U.S. secrecy methods and deceptive scientific tactics that has resulted in the record breaking mind control weapons secrecy.
    The government should declassify the “fact of” mind control weapons. Like the atomic bomb, the technical secrets can remain secret while the existence of the atomic bomb can be publicly known. The outline of a silent, remote, advanced, EMR mind control weapon and weapons system is becoming apparent.
    Read full article
    — —
    That’s Impossible, Episode: Mind Control, history.com, .
    Quote: Miracle technology could allow people to transmit their brainwaves and speak to each other mind-to-mind. Scientists are working to create computers that read thoughts to find terrorists, and machines to scan our minds like thumbprints–causing some to wonder if “thought theft” could become the crime of the future.
    Watch this video
    — —
    Watch this video
    That’s Impossible Mind Control 1, VIDEO, youtube.com, 15 augustus 2009,

    That’s Impossible Mind Control 2, VIDEO, youtube.com, 15 augustus 2009,

    That’s Impossible Mind Control 3, VIDEO, youtube.com, 15 augustus 2009,

    That’s Impossible Mind Control 4, VIDEO, youtube.com, 15 augustus 2009,

    That’s Impossible Mind Control 5, VIDEO, youtube.com, 15 augustus 2009,

    Thank you!
    Yours sincerely.

  20. you are totaly right this criminal of cia are doing teh eloctronical mind kontrol witt me since 7 years ,my life is hell and a donot khnow enn its finich.

  21. Yes the microwave auditory
    effect exists, it is not experimental, is has been
    perfected and it is old tech.
    It existed long before the
    listed patent date. As you can see by the comments from four years ago anything mentioned in the media on these subjects is buried in long unreadable,
    barely coherent comments.
    Some are real, most is
    deliberate and not meant to

    Which level of
    government controls the PR and
    the actual torture?
    There are so many levels of
    security the word government is
    almost like the air.



  24. I have been tortured for 7 years by electromagnetic weapons and it is vicious and sadistic. It involves sleep deprivation, sexual rape, radiation, lasers, chemicals, drugs, even germ warfare. The radiation can be hot or ice cold. Hot can be felt burning fast, but cold numbs the pain and they can attack your internal organs while your shivering and not feel the damage they till you get warm again. The sexual rape is to cause arousal with stimulation, vibration, and pulsing. The radiation will cause mini strokes, muscle, lungs, eyes, brain, bowl damage and lots of pain damage. The whole object is to keep you in pain with no sleep till you crack and they put you away.

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