Experimental tripping for the US military

There’s an interesting interview over at 10 Zen Monkeys with psychiatrist James S. Ketchum who claims to have been director of psychopharmacology research for the US military when they were testing the potential of mind-altering drugs such as LSD and BZ.

Ketchum has just released a book entitled Chemical Warfare: Secrets Almost Forgotten where he recounts his time working in the labs and the research that was carried out there.

Notably, Ketchum makes a distinction between the research programme he was involved with, and the CIA’s now famous Project MKULTRA, which also looked at ways of influencing the mind and involved a significant amount of LSD research.

The book has been independently published, so make of that what you will (conspiracy theorists, start your engines), but there’s some excerpts online if you want to judge for yourself.

Link to interview with Dr James Ketchum (via BoingBoing).
Link to Chemical Warfare: Secrets Almost Forgotten website.
Link to excerpts.

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