2007-01-05 Spike activity

Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news:

A boy who can walk on hot coals offers clues to genetics of pain.

A curious report of 50 Vietnamese schools girls fainting due to ‘mass hysteria‘.

Research on how you compare yourself with colleagues and happiness at work is investigated by the BPS Research Digest.

A new chemical could provide the first highly accurate living diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

A few articles on exercises for cognitive enhancement:
* The New York Times reports on brain exercises.
* Time magazine discusses ‘Nintendo for Grandma’.
* The Washington Post considers keeping sharp with mental exercises.

It seems Freud had a few troubles repressing his innermost desires, as a hotel guest book suggests.

Neurofuture has some wonderful art generated by neural networks.

Anarchic art journal MungBeing has a special issue on ‘The Mind’.

The International Herald Tribune argues that neuroscience is now explaining what might cause ‘ghosts’.

A (presumably Falafel loving) Israeli scientist argues that chickpeas may have been responsible for the evolution of the human brain.

One thought on “2007-01-05 Spike activity”

  1. MindFit (developed by CogniFit) is a cognitive training and assessment, is a new easy-to-use computer software program designed for the mature population that wants to keep their minds active and vital.

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