PsyOps during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war

Propaganda news site PsyWar have just published an article on the ‘psychological warfare’ tactics used in the Israel-Lebanon war earlier this year.

PsyWar keeps meticulous archives of propaganda leaflets from wars past and present, as well as charting the increasingly sophisticated psychological techniques from both sides of contemporary conflicts.

The article notes that information warfare was used extensively in both sides of the Israel-Lebanon conflict, and has English translations of much of the propaganda.

There’s good evidence that leaflets were delivered by artillery units with ‘leaflet shells’ and electronic messages figured heavily in the campaign.

Interestingly, the end of the article has what are claimed to be the principles used by an advertising agency hired to promote a post-war message of victory.

Link to PsyWar article ‘Psychological Operations during the Israel-Lebanon War 2006’.
Link to previous Mind Hacks post on PsyWar.

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