Wittgenstein and wisdom

British philosophy magazine Philosophy Now has a special edition on that most psychological of philosophers Ludwig Wittgenstein, with several of the feature articles freely available online.

Wittgenstein is known as much for his character as his philosophy, and for those not familiar with his life Tim Madigan’s short introduction is a good place to start.

If you want to get your teeth into some of the philosophical ideas, Mark Jago has written a remarkably clear guide to Wittgenstein’s picture theory of language.

There’s more articles available if you pick up a copy of the magazine or have online access.

If you get a chance to see the magazine itself (a bit difficult to get hold of as many shops don’t carry it) you’ll notice that Philosophy Now is exactly what you’d expect from a philosophy magazine: a bit chaotic, endearingly eccentric and wonderfully intellectual.

Otherwise, you could do much worse than listening to a fantastic edition of BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time that tackled the life and philosophy of Wittgenstein, archived online.

Link to Philosophy Now.
Link to Wikipedia page on Wittgenstein.
Link to In Our Time on Wittgenstein (with realaudio link).

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