Ketamine dreams

An excerpt from a letter to this month’s British Journal of Psychiatry on the effects of ketamine and the similarities and differences with psychosis, by Drs James Stone and Lyn Pilowsky:

“We also recently studied healthy volunteers following ketamine administration… Most experienced severe distortions of time, believing that a minute was several hours in duration. They also showed blunting of affect and loss of emotional reactivity. A few showed a marked disinhibition, with facetious replies to questions and apparent euphoria in the first 10‚Äì20 min after administration of ketamine. Several participants reported the belief that they were composed solely of thoughts, and that their bodies had either become nonexistent or were separate from them. One reported that he believed he could control people in the room by pointing with his hands, and another reported persecutory delusions.”

Link to full letter from December’s BJP.

2 thoughts on “Ketamine dreams”

  1. I am reading Paul Ekman’s book Emotions Revealed. On page 74 he writes,”His Holliness, the Dalai Lama, in my meeting with him, did mention that some yogis are able to stretch time.” I wonder if this experience of time stretching has any relation to the Ketamine induced time distortion? That one sentence is pretty much all Ekman has to say about it.

  2. It is true that Ketamine distorts time. An hour can seem like several. Surely these “yogis” employed some mind altering substance to achieve their results. Or IF they did not, they were able to synthesize through thought alone the exact chemical reaction required in order to allow them to distort time, plausible, but difficult.

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