Psychic epilepsy healing

Neurologists of the world rejoice. The chap at Extrasensory Epilepsy Healing can cure epilepsy with the power of his mind, and takes all types of credit cards over the internet.

If this isn’t revelation enough, it turns out that epilepsy, long thought to be a neurological disorder, is actually a problem with the pancreas.

If John Hughlings Jackson were alive to today, he would no doubt be feeling a little sheepish at this exciting news.

2 thoughts on “Psychic epilepsy healing”

  1. OK, this guy is goofy, fraudulent maybe, but it’s ironic to me to see him called out right above an article about the widespread unnecessary drugging of children, apparently partly so that “Teachers might have …. better behaved children in their classroom”.
    I mean, I read about the epilepsy treatment, and the idea that “epilepsy, long thought to be a neurological disorder, is actually a problem with the pancreas”, and I think ok, odd conclusion, but I honestly see less harm, mercenary self-promotion, and truly malevolent intent than is shown by pharmaceutical companies who push physicians to prescibe “a number of psychiatric drugs – a practice known as polypharmacy – despite limited or non-existent evidence for how effective this might be.”
    This is a battle for patient’s dollars on both sides- doctors take credit cards, too, you know. And when the battle comes down to choosing between healers like a man who admittedly makes no big claims for his healing system (as with the epilepsy healer) and the pharmaceutical companies who place rosy ads in women’s magazines promising perfect children and the physicians pushing amphetamines on kids- well, you can see why many people feel abandoned by conventional medicine.
    Really, which side has done more harm and damage to patients here?

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