Toxic intimacy

The New York Times has a short but interesting article on people who find intimate relationships stressful and bad for their mental health.

A close relationship is considered almost universally beneficial, but some people seem to find relationships difficult to deal with, even when they’re going well.

Interestingly, the article describes this as a ‘schizoid’ trait, which is usually considered to be the lack of emotional attachment seen in some people with schizophrenia (although not in all by any means).

While it is a clich√© to say that people with autism or Asperger’s syndrome are loners, many do find intimate relationships difficult, and it’s curious that the article doesn’t mention this as a possible link.

Outsiders is a UK charity set-up by Dr Tuppy Owens to help people who are disabled or socially isolated with starting and maintaining relationships, and has been working in this field for many years.

Link to NYT article ‘Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle’ (thanks Paul and Candace!)
Link to Outsiders.

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