NewSci’s half century of big questions

New Scientist turns 50 today, and to celebrate, they’ve reprinted some classic news stories from their archives and have predictions from a clutch of contemporary scientists.

The only neuroscience-related story from the archive is the discovery of endorphins, natural pain-killing opioids in the brain, from way back in ’76.

Cognitive scientists make more of a showing in the section on predictions about the future with Rodney Brooks, Steven Pinker, Elizabeth Loftus, Igor Aleksander, Geoffry Miller, Terry Sejnowski, Eric Horvitz, Frans de Waal and Michael Gazzaniga all making their pitches.

Some of the feature articles, only available to paying subscribers, also tackle mind and brain issues, as the magazine attempts to describe some of the biggest problems still facing science.

Articles on ‘What is consciousness?’, ‘What is reality?’, ‘What comes after Homo sapiens?’ and ‘Do we have free will?’ all cover areas of interest to psychology and neuroscience enthusiasts.

Link to NewSci 50th anniversary edition details.

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