Inside a 7-tesla brain scanner

There’s a news story and video clip on the BBC News website about a reporter’s experience of being inside the new 7-tesla fMRI scanner at Nottingham University.

Tesla is a measure of magnetic field strength and the greater the field strength of an fMRI scanner, the more detailed images it is likely to produce.

Most scanners are 1.5-tesla, or more recently, 3-tesla, with only a few 7-tesla machines in existence.

You’ll occasionally hear scientists who work with fMRI-scanners proudly announce the field strength as if it were a measure of, well… I’m sure you can guess.

The report is interesting both for the 1970s footage of Nobel Prize winning MRI inventor Peter Mansfield inside the first ever MRI machine, and for the completely bizarre ‘MRI picture frame’ example used half way through the clip.

Link to BBC News story and video clip link.
Link to info page on Nottingham Uni’s 7-tesla scanner.

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