How to be funny

laugh_smile.jpgThere’s an interesting (and actually quite funny) article from The Telegraph on the psychology of humour, written by the comedians Jimmy Carr and Lucy Greeves.

Rather than examining the research on the psychology of humour, it looks at how comedians view jokes and joke telling, relating it both to professional comedy and informal social jokes among friends.

For those wanting a view from the science of humour, however, there’s more on the humour research page.

Link to ‘How to be Funny’ from The Telegraph (via 3Quarks).
Link to Humour Research Page.

2 thoughts on “How to be funny”

  1. I’m pretty sure we’ve covered this one before too. It is, at times, difficult to teach someone who is struggling with the down side of a chronic affective disorder which generates untoward signs and symptomology interfering with one’s funny bone. Generally, most psychiatric disorders, at least those caused by stuff which is not at all funny, like war, crime, a variety of other social abuses resulting in poverty, lack of medical and financial support, loss of housing, food, causes pain (on a scale of zero to infinity and genrates such abject disgust on the parts of parties not similarly effected to induce mass apathy, neglect, and repeatedly renewed personal injury in the form of rebuke, harrassment and or intentional arson inorder to get the poor suffering wretches out of their communities so they (the normal and funny folks – the same type who laugh at their own jokes) can go about the business of conspicuous consumtion, have really quiet neighborhoods and not feel bad about the less fortunate as they terrorize those less fortunate into fleeing their stetles with chants of; “What are ya whining for? Get a job! What’s your problem, are ya BRAIN DAMAGED or just STUPID?” Don’t you come near my kids, I’ll call a cop, we’ll round up a crowd and show up in the middle of the night dressed in hoods, tinfoil helmets, and surgical gloves… SOYTENLY, we’ll all be wearing condoms, AND we’ll be carrying pitchforks too… you damned mental patients are all the same. I’ll bet yer a pervert and Pedofile, (That’s a person who LIKES children) It DOES NOT imply forced anal sex in the basement of rectory, but I used to enjoy sex as a teenager, with other teenagers and young adults of course before I reached the age of majority. I was just never fortunate enough to hit on by any of my better endowed female high school teachers with the really, really nice personalities AND racks. NO, not the one where we stored our little rubber booties when it rained, hung our blankets for NAP TIME stored our food, which we frequently played with instead of eating, and kept other outer garments in case we needed to go somewhere else,
    Look! One does not teach one HOW TO BE FUNNY. There is a ZEN to comedy. One either is or is not funny. Yeah, I know. It takes SOME practice and training. But have you ever spent time with someone who is TRYING TO BE FUNNY? Shit, it’s pathetic.
    Comedy is not something one can learn out of a book. You really have to BE THE JOKE, as the old Zen Master would say. That way they aren’t laughing with you they are in fact laughing at you. It you really want to be a comedian, you have to look at it that way.
    Hey, it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it. What the F are you laughing at wiseguy?

  2. Have you checked the site I have put above?
    Jon Stewart has recommended this book! Seems interesting, but the price puts me off totally. I would buy it at this price only if Lee Evans himself autographs it.

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