Nature Neuroscience launches monthly podcast

NatureNeuroscienceOct2006.jpgI just discovered from The Neurophilosopher’s blog that Nature Neuroscience have launched a (presumably monthly) podcast where the latest in neuroscience research is discussed.

It seems that it will only discuss research published in Nature journals, however.

This may seem surprising to those unaware how science and scientific publishing works, but it makes good business sense for Nature.

Scientific journals make money on the basis of advertising (a large part) and readership (through charging for subscriptions, online access and single article reprints).

They vie to be the most prestigious journals by having the widest readership and attracting the best research for publication.

In turn, scientists’ careers are often based on getting their research published in the most prestigious journals because this should guaruntee it is widely read and has the greatest impact.

Having a journal-sponsored podcast that might discuss and, therefore, promote, any of the articles in the publication gives scientists an extra reason to submit their work to the journal.

Whereas discussing research from competitors’ journals would just be giving free advertising to commercial rivals.

That said, the Nature journals are among the most prestigious science publications, and a monthly discussion even of their articles alone is likely to keep you informed of some of the most important developments in neuroscience.

Link to Nature Neuroscience podcast.

One thought on “Nature Neuroscience launches monthly podcast”

  1. In the Research highlights section Nature often presents research published in other journals (e.g. PNAS). Coudlnt the argument of giving free advertising to commercial rivals be applied in that case? Or is it just a metter of a degree of publicity (highlights vs. podcast)?

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