Painting through Alzheimer’s

Utermohlen_Alzheimer's.jpgThere’s a short but fascinating piece in the New York Times on how the work of artist William Utermohlen was affected by the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Utermohlen produced some striking pieces during his career and continued to paint after being diagnosed with the degenerative brain disorder.

The impact of the disorder on his creativity can be seen in a web slide show created to accompany the article.

It’s particularly interesting that the impact of the paintings don’t always seem to diminish with his reduction in technical skill, with some of the later paintings (particularly the one from 1998) remaining both vivid and haunting.

Link to NYT article ‘Self-Portraits Chronicle a Descent Into Alzheimer‚Äôs’.
Link to William Utermohlen gallery.
Link to information on Alzheimer’s disease.

One thought on “Painting through Alzheimer’s”

  1. Ever since I was a student I was always fascinated with people who excel well in a certain field despite of their disability. William is one of them for this matter. Having Alzheimer’s is not a joke but to be able to paint with so much concern on details is something noteworthy. His use of portrait of people is a remarkable choice for an artist with Alzheimer’s.
    I can’t wait to see more of his works to be posted in here or perhaps an exhibit of his artworks is something delightful.

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